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by Andrew Sanger | May 28, 2021 

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Rosé Da Baby Louisville

Get to know Kentucky artist Rosé Da Baby, his deep roots in music and poetry.

In his recent video release Believe in Me, Rosé Da Baby made a church the focal point for his visuals. This makes all the sense in the world given that he first started singing as part of a church choir, which his mother directed. In our interview, he talked about the influence his choir days had on his artistic style. “I think it helped me incorporate a lot of singing into my music. It’s a lot of big sounds, big music. I feel like hip-hop and R&B are just more fast-paced versions of that.” 

When listening to his records, you can definitely feel those hymnal influences, even though the subject matter is a little bit different from what you might get in church. 

Spend some time with Rosé on Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram. The Louisville, Kentucky, rapper has been grinding hard over last year while a lot of us were spending our pandemic binging Netflix and complaining about masks. This artist is the textbook definition of a rising star, and Hot Hot is tuning into his ascent.

During Covid times, Rosé dropped two full albums, and March 2021 saw the release of the single Believe in Me. The track plays in your head like some kind of trap lullaby. Rosé blends warm piano arpeggios with a sharp beat that makes the song feel like jumping into a hot tub and an ice bath at the same time.

His sound is as tight as tracks you hear on RapCaviar, but Rosé sets himself apart with his heartfelt lyricism. 

“I always loved writing poems. Like growing up as a kid, I had a notebook of poems, not realizing that this was really what I wanted to do. I did it just because I just had a passion for it,” he says. Rosé’s writing fell off for a few years when he got deep into football, but an injury that slowed him down on the field served as a reminder of his first love. He got back to writing, and now, it was lyrics for songs that had been building up through high school, where his natural intellect landed him in an exclusive gifted program.

Believe in Me shows his writing chops. It’s a testament to the importance of loyalty, family, and hard work. It’s an underdog story wrapped in self-affirming commentary.

We been tryna get it all on our own

Pray that when we leave we all make it home

I can’t leave my dawgs alone in the cold

Paper route I swear that I’ll never fold

Sensory references make his words come alive.

Ain’t soft I just like caking


Stay sharp we just like razors

In the ground probably snaking

I’m surrounded by haters

Rosé recorded music for the very first time in 2016 at his friend Mike’s house. Montana of 300 had just dropped a song and they made a remix of it – there were six of them in the room. Mike used the microphone on his computer to capture voices. That simple, honest start turned into something. Two years later he dropped a remix of Lil Wayne’s 6 Foot 7 Foot. 

Not quite ready to give up on his football dreams, but still plagued with an acute awareness that his ACL would never be quite right, Rosé went to Kentucky Western University to play football. But even then, he felt God had another path for him.

Fast forward five years and Rosé Da Baby is ready to release his new single, Dangerous, on June 4, 2021. The record holds great promise, displaying Rosé’s precise vocal skills wrapped up in gorgeously tempered production.

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