Mookie G. Makes it Look Easy

by Phillip Lebovits | May 27, 2021 

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Laughing It Up In The “A”

Mookie G Atlanta

Mookie G. decided comedy life was for him. He set his intention and made it happen. 

It’s a hot night in Atlanta and Walter Gauthia a.k.a. Mookie G. is just warming up.

He’s in the middle of his set when he spots an 11-year-old boy named Cade in the audience. And Mookie can’t help himself. 

“Cade, I want you to know that your mother loves you. She just doesn’t like you very much.” 

Cade’s mom is there with him and she’s a teacher. That’s a comedy sweet spot for this former teacher, and he is totally in his element.

“I have two degrees. I have a degree in Physical Education, and I have a Master’s in Early Childhood Education.” He pauses. “Ladies and gentlemen, I am the custodian at an elementary school. After the laughter subsides, he admonishes the audience. “Don’t get twisted, people. I’m the HEAD custodian.”

We caught up with Mookie after his set and asked this self-effacing chubby man with the ever-present dimples (and father of three) why he quit his work in education and marched headlong into comedy.

“I’ve always been silly. I don’t know if I always wanted to be a comedian, but when I was trying to get out of education I said, “What am I going to do next?”

It was his mother who encouraged him over a Christmas break.

“I went home to see my mom and she was like, ‘so why don’t you be a comedian?’ You’re funny, you’re silly. Do it.’ And that was three years ago; the best decision I’ve ever made.”

After taking a comedy class, this native son of Beaumont, Texas found himself starting his comedy career in the Atlanta area. Like everything else in his life, Mookie understood there was a ton of hard work ahead. And he was well prepared.

“Growing up with a single mother, she raised myself with my sister all by herself, working two or three jobs. On the weekend, she would wake up at 5 o’clock and we would go to work with her. So, we had to work.”

And work he does. His comedy writing process begins with an idea that he taps into “Notes” on his smartphone, maybe adding a few sentences. “I know to come back to it later,” he says, “and then I’ll start playing around with it. Most of my material comes from my life because that’s what I know. And that’s what I like to give people.”

Back in 2019, Mookie was starting to gain some momentum in his new career, putting in lots of time honing his material and performing in North Carolina, California, Florida, Tennessee. And then he hit a brick wall called Covid-19.

For Mookie, it was just one more hurdle to transcend. He teamed up with his comedian friend Erica Benefield and started a podcast called “That’s News to Me.” The podcast is described as a “dive into the deepest depths of the internet to dig up crazy and obscure news that you won’t find anywhere else.”

Now that the pandemic is receding, the comedy gigs are picking up and Mookie is already planning a tour that will take him to Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana.

He’s levelheaded about the arc of his career, but he does dream of bigger things. 

“I really want to do Radio City Music Hall. That’s my dream.”

And who knows? Because anything is possible for this gifted, affable guy. 

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