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They call me a digital diva and that’s accurate. I’ll take the compliment. I’ve been devising and executing campaigns since digital ads were a thing, and before that, I was a traditional marketer. Long story short, I know my shit and I’m here to help you get noticed.

The music industry needs some TLC – there are so many scams and untrustworthy people. I’ve been working with artists for about 15 years and in that time I’ve seen it all. Tell me about the crazy things you’ve experienced and I’ll listen, but more importantly, I’ll give you my best advice. Vet my ideas with other people you trust because there is no single source of knowledge and it’s your job to steer your career and own your future.

Email: michele@hothotcreative

Michele Richardson Hot Hot Music and Laffs



A writer and marketer with 20+ years in business, I am passionate about applying all my talents, tools, skills, and insights to the music industry. Why? Reason 1: The satisfaction of helping talented people get heard and known releases endorphins in my brain that put me in a good mood. Reason 2: I find that interactions with creative entertainers are inspiring and motivating. There is so much we can do to upend the music industry to provide healthier pathways to success. We need to observe the systemic trends, identify which ones work for independent artists and which ones don’t, and take action to create change. Who’s with me?


Phone: 407-461-4368

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For as long as I can remember I’ve had a heart for entertainment. My passion for business ethics is even greater. I enjoy bringing people together who complement one another and am well versed in business development, marketing, good vibes, and inspiring creatives. I look forward to being a key piece in changing the norm in entertainment and establishing practices that reflect good core values and progressive results.


Erica Teamer