Hot Hot Strategy

Hip-Hop Artist Nurture Program

The Problem: Independent artists often lack the resources, mentoring, and music industry knowledge to forge a sustainable career making music.

The music industry is hierarchical and barriers to entry appear at every turn. What begins as an artist’s passionate creative experience often ends a few years later in frustration and dejection. What could have been a foundation to build a lifelong career instead becomes a persistent recurring series of memories riddled with regret and bitterness. 

“Music is my life. Music is life.”

“Who’s gonna put me on?”

“People around me are distracted and negligent – and I just can’t seem to win.”

“I was done wrong.”

“I gave everything and got nothing.”

The journey is lonely.

But what if there were safe spaces in the world of music? What if people were to organize to tap into the passion and talent and help translate that into jobs, steady income, firm foundations, and continuous joy – the joy that is at the heart of music to begin with?


Hot Hot Creative is looking for community partners with a vision for establishing a new normal:


Establish an immersive 360-degree program where all costs are covered, teaching the fundamentals of studio life and the music business: production, recording, engineering, financial literacy, entrepreneurial skills, music history, publishing, and marketing.


Provide apartments for program participants through commercial real estate partners.


Acknowledge healthcare concerns related to physical disease, mental health, and substance dependency, and provide excellent care through partner providers.


Provide internships offering real-life experience in area studios, emphasizing studios that commit to employing program participants once they’ve completed the program.

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