Services for Creatives

The menu of services listed below is tailored to the unique needs of hip-hop artists, DJs, and comedians. Cultivate a “day one” fanbase, build community with locals, reach your audience more easily, and sell more tickets. 

Bio Writing

Our writers will help you tell your story through short and long-form bios that are suited to placement in all contexts and on all platforms. Perfect spelling. Perfect grammar. And most important, your true story. We will interview you and deliver a short bio, long bio, audio interview, and transcript for $500.

Electronic Press Kit

When an industry professional asks for your info, what do you send? An EPK (electronic press kit) has everything in one place, so all you need to do is send a single link. Your EPK is home base for your photos, bio, identity statements, social media channel links, music, and contact portal. Bio writing not included. Regular updates included. $700

Audience Profiles

Your messaging on all platforms represents you – but it does more than that. It speaks to your audiences. Step one is developing audience profiles. Step two is defining your authentic messaging for each audience. Our rate is $150 per hour for this consulting service.

Platform Optimization

For a flat rate of $400, we will properly keyword your channels, add SEO-friendly descriptions, and optimize your content for search. This is something you can do yourself if you follow a checklist of best practices. It is not rocket science. But it takes time and attention to detail. Not up for that? We can help.

Graphic Design and Design Consulting

Represent your identity as an artist through visuals for your album covers, jackets for CD and vinyl, your digital song and album profiles, and your merch. Fact: fully developed graphics help make your music and merch a commercial success. $150/hour for consulting; rates for graphic design vary per project.

Promo Videos

From 15- or 30-second videos to Spotify Canvas loops, our videographers and editors look for every opportunity to translate your energy visually. Looking for a full-length video production for your song or set? We can connect you with a videographer who will pull together a production fueled by creativity, technology, skill, and location. Let us develop a custom quote for your project.


Our photographers are deeply immersed in your world, and know how to capture moments that reflect your personality. Just as important, they have expertise in lighting, styling, and specs for all formats. Best part? You own all your files. Rates vary per project.

Website Development

All that amazing Google juice you’re aggregating through your online presence on social channels is worth its weight in gold if you point it to one place. That place is your website.

Once search engines register that you have an active website and detect the links pointing there, you’ll expand your audience reach. The ripple effect helps you sell your products and services. In the business world, an optimized website is everything. 

SMS Marketing

Harness the power of texting! Most consumers look to their phones for everything in their lives, making SMS a powerful tool driving their decision-making and spending. SMS drip campaigns nurture your audience and keep you front of mind. Using SMS, you can notify them of new releases, offer inspiration, and reward them for being your listener. 

Press Releases

Get support targeting journalists and publications specific to your industry. When they get excited about your story, they do the heavy lifting to expand your reach through publications.

Marketing Videos

15-second videos for IG and FB stories and 1 to 2-minute videos for IGTV and YouTube are the way to your audience’s heart. They are already spending half their day on social media – so reach them where they already are. Our video editors look for every opportunity to translate your energy visually. Looking for a full-length video production for your business? We can connect you with a videographer who will pull together a production fueled by creativity, technology, skill, and location.

Digital Ad Campaigns

Even if you already advertise on Facebook and Google platforms, we can improve ad performance by implementing lookalike audiences, by targeting individuals on email lists you already have, remarketing, and other tactics. Don’t let your ad spend go to waste!

Email Marketing

We are absurdly good at building email lists stacked with relevant consumers interested in the products and services you offer. Once those lists are established, we set up drip campaigns to nurture your prospects and turn them into paying customers.

Social Media Strategy

Social media engagement is not about triggering a viral response. It’s about steady, consistent posting covering a distinct range of topics, responding to comments, and sharing other user content. It’s about cultivating user-generated content and tapping into stories. While we don’t manage daily posting (that’s always best done in-house) we get you going in the right direction with a strategic plan and content calendar as well as educating your in-house team on best practices.

Streaming Campaigns

We’ll market your songs to the masses utilizing our expertise in streaming platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, Tidal, iTunes, YouTube, and Triller. there are two number to pay attention to here: the ad spend that is paid to platforms and the amount you pay us to manage campaigns for you. Rates vary per project.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a whole vibe. We connect with social media influencers and work with them to develop visual content for sharing: the influencer choreographs a dance/develops a skit for your song/brand/event, the post is seen by thousands or millions, and the audience exposed to your music/brand/event expands. We’ll negotiate a deal with the selected influencer and follow through on the project until it’s complete. The typical spend is $800+ per project.

Music and Comedy

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